What’s our story? New video:  10 years of the Abram Wilson charity

A decade in and we’ve made a video to mark our charity’s 10th birthday in 2022.  Watch now to find out more about why we were founded, what we do and how your support makes a huge difference.

Our mission is to inspire, connect and open doors to the music industry so that minoritised young people get an equal chance to realise their creative potential. We provide visibility, access and opportunity within an industry which is often closed to all but the most privileged.

Our CEO Jennie Cashman Wilson founded the charity back in 2012, in memory of her husband, renowned jazz trumpeter Abram Wilson. He was a passionate educator with an extraordinary ability to see the potential in people, often mentoring much younger, less experienced musicians. His experience has inspired how we deliver our programmes as a part of an exciting and thriving UK jazz scene today.

We’ve got Future Sound, which is about connecting minoritised 11 to 18 year olds with inspiring professional up-and-coming musicians who they can relate to, and aspire to be like. The young people we work with have lots of barriers to accessing music outside of school. But most importantly, the musicians can show them that it is possible for someone like them to have a career in the music industry.

Then we’ve got our Career Development Programme where we offer practical support to up-and-coming artists to understand their vision, and help them build their own sustainable careers with the right team around them. Often they’re super talented, but the music industry can be closed, especially to artists from minoritised backgrounds. As well as coaching and career strategy sessions, we offer connections and master classes with top industry professionals. Plus the chance to develop skills as music educators.

Our vision is for a music industry that genuinely reflects the best image of our society. So that any young person from any background or circumstances is able to see it as a place for them and can contribute to the next generation of talent.

We need more people like you to help us get there!

Here’s two easy things you can do:

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