What is International Women’s Day all about?

Photo credit: David Choi 


Hint, it has something to do with confidence, which got us wondering…is this going to be one of the most talked about International Women’s Day to date? I mean, there’s a lot going on, right? This year marks 100 years since (super privileged) women got the vote, the launch of international social media campaigns like #MeToo and #TimesUp and a flurry of debates, talks, speeches (#inclusionrider), panel discussions, interviews and protests addressing gender equality.

I mean, are we ever gonna get there, people? We’re counting on it! Like one of our heroine’s Dr Maya Angelou once said, “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” What better way to feel inspired about the possibilities for the next generation than to delve into the minds of some of the young girls we’ve been working with through the arts education strand of our Achieve Your Greatness programme. In order for our girls to be kickass and make Maya Angelou proud, they need confidence and we’re happy to say that nearly 90% of our participants feel more confident after taking part in Achieve Your Greatness (AYG). Watch our short videos or read on below to hear it from their perspective.

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What did you learned through Achieve Your Greatness’ creative programme?

Girl 1 (left): I learned to be confident because whenever I perform I’m always nervous and I feel like I’m going to forget something, so I learned to be confident.

Girl 2 (middle): In Achieve Your Greatness, this is my first time, ‘cos I couldn’t come last time, I learned a lot of stuff actually. I learned that it’s OK to get things wrong, like you’re not going to get in trouble if you get some stuff wrong.

Girl 3 (right): So in Achieve Your Greatness, it’s made me feel more resilient about myself, because if I was sometimes in English or another subject I would give up and then I wouldn’t try again. Now I know I can try and everyone makes mistakes.

How does Achieve Your Greatness make you feel?

Girl 1: Well, I feel great, to be honest, because you get to work with amazing people, like a one (sic) in a lifetime opportunity.

Girl 2 : AYG makes you feel very happy because you get to try out new things, you know, be a new person in the classroom, whatever’s going on in your life, you can basically leave it at the door and you can do fun stuff when you get inside.

Girl 3: AYG has made me feel happy because you get to express your talent and stuff. If you’re acting or you can sing or dance, you’re showing that is great, because then you know there’s a whole community around you and then they’re cheering you on and stuff, it’s not just like you (sic) in a closet not being able to express how you feel, you’re expressing to everyone around you. It just feels good.

What did you enjoy the most?

Girl 1: I enjoyed working with Tyrone. He’s really funny and he supports us and he helps us. Whenever we make a mistake he teaches us how to improve it and he’s just an amazing person.

Girl 2: I enjoyed working with Cassie. Not just Cassie I enjoyed working with everybody, like a collective group. I enjoyed working with Lanre because he’s funny, I enjoyed working with Jennie because she understands, I enjoyed working with Tyrone because he’s really funny and that little game on Tuesday that kind of helped you let loose in a way. I enjoyed working with everyone, it was really fun. And Cassie helped us improve all our stuff.

Girl 3: As they say, I enjoyed working with everyone but the main person I enjoyed working with was Sukie because she’s like a really nice, funny…she makes you like, yeah…and she’s an amazing songwriter and she helps you achieve what you want to be. She tells us her stories about how she achieved to become an actor (sic) and singer and how she used to work in EastEnders and stuff like that and cos I watch it I know like how actors express their feelings and stuff.

If you had to describe Achieve Your Greatness in three words, what would your three words be?

Girl 1: I’m going to say Ope’s saying… CON-FI-DENCE! And fun. And a one in a lifetime experience (sic).

Girl 2: I’m just gonna say it was fun, it was amazing, you get to learn new stuff. You have to know this, if you want to be in there you have to know this one thing that they are looking out for you, it’s always possible. Don’t think that because you’re in there and you’re brand new that you can’t do anything or that because you’re the newbie you still have to find your place or you have to do this or you have to do that, they’re really welcoming. Anybody who watches this on YouTube, just know, they’re out for you, they’re looking out for you, and I hope this inspires you to try it.

Girl 3: Three words is exciting, fun and happy. All three of them kind of mean the same thing but to me it means a lot because I’ve never really had other people, I can’t really, for me I’m not a very open person in a way. To the other workshop leaders I can be open because they get us in a way. They’re not like you know, oh we’ll talk about this later, they’ll just help you in how you’re feeling and make you become a great person.

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