Tyrone Isaac Stuart

Tyrone Isaac-Stuart

Tyrone Isaac-Stuart is a jazz saxophonist and hip hop and contemporary dancer. During his time on the programme, Tyrone was awarded the Steve Reid Innovation Award and secured a short-term residency at Battersea Arts Centre to showcase his work.

We introduced him to a sound engineer who provided pro bono support to mix and master his debut album.

He says: “Abram Wilson provided career development support for me when I was just beginning to make my album, artist book and creative practice, S!CK. Those tri-monthly meetings were like entering the lions den, figuring out what the work was and trying to articulate it into practical steps.  I’m thankful for their patience! They provided me with a network: as well as the introduction to the sound engineer who would eventually mix and master my album, I was mentored by Fred Bolza. Fred later signed my album to his record label, New Soil. Their continuous investment into artistic excellence is admirable – I look forward to paying that back in the future.”

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