Photo credit: Ben Amure


The lovely team at LondonJazz helped us put a tribute piece together to mark today. Thank you to them and to Abram’s fellow musicians (Keith Loftis, Reuben James, Pedro Segundo, Kevin Robinson, Binker Golding, Jason Marsalis and Jason Yarde) who contributed their very lovely and sweet words…

Today 9th June 2016 marks a sad anniversary. Abram Wilson passed away on this day in 2012. His memory is being celebrated by a concert in aid of the Foundation set up in his name. “An Evening of Jazz Celebrating the Abram Wilson Foundation” (LINK) is on Tuesday 14th June at St James Studio. 

We also remember him here in a series of vivid memories and heartfelt tributes, mainly from fellow musicians who were close to him. With sincerest thanks to Abram’s widow Jennie Cashman Wilson, the driving force behind the Foundation. 


“It still feels really strange knowing that Abram isn’t here. Abram was first and foremost a dear friend with the biggest heart. His huge appetite for life and music is what I think gravitated people towards him. I will always remember his passion for sharing music with children and anyone who was around. Watching his ability to walk out on stage and light up a room full of energetic kids will always stick out in my mind. I had the great opportunity to be part of his first working quintet when he arrived here in New York and that was truly a pleasure. I think what I really miss most about Abram is his passionate drive for greatness and his integrity.”

Keith Loftis is a tenor saxophonist based in NYC. He is currently working on his new trio recording as well as The Baylor Project and the Kenyatta Beasley Septet.


“I met Abram when I was 17 years old when he was leading a workshop in Birmingham.  He took me under his wing and asked me to join his band. We went on tour around the jazz circuit and it was amazing for me to learn and gain experience from…



“An Evening of Jazz Celebrating the Abram Wilson Foundation”
Tuesday 14th June from 8pm until approx 10pm 
St James Studio, 12 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5JA.
LINK: St James Studio Bookings