Our vision is that everyone can use creative expression to unlock their full potential and live out their greatness.


Our mission is to help children, young people and talented artists who are facing a challenging or transitional period in their lives discover and express their greatness through performing arts projects.


Achieve Your Greatness - Inspiring children and young people between 11 to 16 years from disadvantaged backgrounds to use the arts to imagine their future selves

Know Your Greatness - Laying the foundations for emerging artists with fewer opportunities than their peers to sustain a long-term career as a full-time professional artist.

Live Your Greatness - Working with reputable mid-career artists who are facing significant barriers in transitioning to the next stage of their careers

Greatness in Togetherness - Bringing together the key elements of Achieve Your Greatness, Know Your Greatness and Live Your Greatness to create exciting educational and artistic opportunities
Our Values

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