Trailblazing music and tech: Peter Wilson

Are you passionate about tackling inequality in the arts and championing rising music stars? That’s what unifies our Abram Wilson Foundation Trailblazers, who have a wide range of jobs, backgrounds and stories. Peter Wilson was the first of our higher level Circle of Greatness members, who get even more access to our musicians and patrons. As Vice President of Engineering at bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain, Peter’s a tech expert and also a great supporter of the arts including the Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, USA. He took a few moments out of his uber-busy day to answer a couple of questions.

Jennie: You’ve worked in tech for many years including at Google and Facebook. Some people are saying that blockchain technology has big potential benefits for the music industry, do you think that’s the case?

I don’t really buy into this – I believe that blockchain has the opportunity to reform, revamp and fix the banking system, which is a huge mission. Maybe once we’ve done that we can focus on the music industry! For what it’s worth, I think the most exciting developments in the music industry are the ability for artists to directly upload to Spotify, and the emergence of companies like Kobalt and AWAL that are challenging the big three labels.

Jennie: Can you tell readers about how you became involved with the Abram Wilson Foundation?

Peter: I attended an Abram Wilson Foundation gig at the h Club where I am a member, knowing nothing about the organisation. Having learned about Abram and the Foundation that you started, I was immediately compelled by your mission of bringing arts education to kids and wanted to be involved.

Jennie: Thanks so much for all your support! Why would you recommend others get involved with our charity?

Peter: I am a computer scientist by training and profession, and of course I think it’s important that we development and maintain strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education. However, arts education is also important and I worry that a focus on STEM at the expense of the arts will make our society poorer. The Abram Wilson Foundation is helping to address arts education, so should be supported.

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