Jennie to step down as CEO

We have some big news to share from our founder and CEO Jennie Cashman Wilson and Chair of Trustees Collette Philip.

Jennie will be stepping down as CEO of the Abram Wilson charity on 31 August.

Jennie says: 

“It’s been the honour and privilege of my life to build something in Abram’s name and continue what we started together, upholding the values we held so dear and providing equitable pathways into music.
“For the last 11 years I’ve put everything I have into the Abram Wilson charity and I will be forever indebted to those who’ve supported me along the way through their time, networks, emotional support and donations.
“I’ve experienced so much joy watching musicians I’ve known since they were teenagers blossom into fully formed adults, forging their own way and giving back to the next generation of talent. I’ve loved nothing more than going into schools and watching children and young people shine thanks to the power of music. I still can’t believe that the whole thing has been encapsulated into a real-life published children’s book!
“Since the day I began this quest, I knew the time would eventually come for me to leave and give others the chance to inject new passion, energy and creativity into what I’d started. The Abram Wilson charity has always been about building an institution to continue Abram’s legacy. The trustees and I have spoken extensively about this over the years and agree that the time is now right to bring in a new set of skills for this next chapter in the Charity’s journey. I’m super excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for the Abram Wilson charity and I’ve absolute faith in the leadership team to write this new chapter.
“With my book Becoming Brave now published and in the world, I feel ready to take on a new challenge. I’m planning to expand the work that I’ve been doing over the last decade in the coaching, mentoring and strategy space where I’ve been primarily supporting emerging musicians build sustainable careers in the music industry. My aim is to use my skills, experience, and networks to support entrepreneurs and creatives with a special focus on working with creative entrepreneurs from Global Majority communities. You can stop by and say hello here.

“I think Abram would be really proud of all of us for what we’ve achieved together. There’s so much more I could say but I think in the end it boils down to two words. Thank you. Thank you so much for helping me over the years. I’ve never not appreciated it, and I couldn’t have done it without you.” 

Collette says:
“I want to thank Jennie for her amazing work in driving Abram Wilson forward over the last 11 years. Jennie founded this organisation out of love and legacy and it has been her tireless work, her energy, ideas and inspiration that have enabled us to continually deliver our mission of inspiring, opening doors and connecting minoritised young talent to the music industry.
“Having last year celebrated the charity’s 10 year anniversary, we now have the opportunity to continue the legacy and impact that Jennie has built – and we know that our vital work is needed now more than ever.
“We have a strong and committed team of trustees and staff, who are in place and ready to continue the charity’s work and the charity will be managed over this period by interim CEO, Oliver Carruthers. Oliver is the former artistic director of East London’s arts centre Rich Mix and ex-CEO of Gulbenkian Arts Centre in Canterbury. Now a freelance consultant working with a portfolio of arts organisations, Oliver will take on the role of interim CEO until the recruitment process is finalised.

“Our innovative schools programme, Future Sound will continue as planned and we will be starting recruitment for new charity leadership in the autumn, with a view to completing this process by Spring 2024.”