We’ve been holding this one in for a while now, but can finally announce Fred Bolza as our new trustee.  Yay! He is Vice President of Strategy at Sony Music, and also a massive jazz head so obviously we loved him immediately.

Here’s a little Q&A for you so that you can get to know him a little better.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? 

My name is Fred. I am VP Strategy at Sony Music UK based in London. In this role, I am responsible for the development of Sony Music’s strategy in the UK and run an in-house marketing team that helps labels connect artists with fans by offering planning, insight, analytics, partnership and creative services. Previously, I worked as a strategist at PRS For Music and as a management consultant advising ISPs, mobile operators and media companies. I currently DJ an infrequent jazz night, write occasionally about obscure records, do loads of talks and was once in Canadian garage punk “sensations” The Cryptics.

How did you first become involved in AWF?

My friend Noah introduced me to Jennie. Once I’d met her and heard about the wonderful work the Foundation was doing to help young people realise their potential with a heavy emphasis on jazz I was sold!

Why did you decide to become a trustee?

Listening to where the Foundation has been and where it wants to go combined with a sense that there is a very real risk – through funding cuts –  of a generation lost to culture made me want to take some kind of action beyond shaking my head.

What excites you about AWF?

I’m excited by the energy, optimism and sense of possibility as well as the principle of music in general and jazz in particular as a means of bringing people into dialogue with each other and engaging both heart and head. The spirit of improvisation, group work and individual ability honed over years of practice seem to me precisely the kind of skills our world needs not just in the arts but in general.

What are your hopes for the Abram Wilson Foundation? 

My hope is that it is able to build and grow from its core enabling more people to find their voices and have the self-belief as well as skills to achieve their greatness whatever that might be for each individual.

Feeling inspired? We are! We couldn’t be more excited to have Fred on board. Some good news during difficult times indeed #feelinghopeful.

Till soon!


Jennie x