How to write and express yourself through music – new Future Sound videos out now!

Ever wondered how musicians write their lyrics or songs? Or how they became artists? Well, our new video series could help you answer some of those questions.

Future Sound Digital is all about expressing yourself through music and is available now, for free, on our YouTube channel.  Please watch and subscribe!

There are 13 new short videos featuring vocalist, guitarist and producer Oscar Jerome; singer-songwriter and producer Sans Soucis; and poet, performer and rapper Arji Manuelpillai.  They are aimed at 11-18 year olds, but will help you develop your music skills whatever your age!


What’s in the videos?

The videos give you a simple and fun insight into how these artists write songs; how they became musicians; and how they express themselves through music. They give tips, insights and advice to help you develop your lyric writing and composition skills; learn about self-expression through music and explore the journey to becoming a professional musician. In each episode you are set some fun and achievable tasks that encourage you to write and record your own musical pieces.

We hope the videos will help and inspire you to create your own music, poems and lyrics. Plus offer some inspiration if you’re a young person who wants to pursue a career in the music industry.

Why did the musicians get involved?

Oscar says: “I was happy to be asked to take part in this project because I know a lot of young people must be feeling a bit unmotivated at the moment. I hope we can offer a bit of inspiration. [Band members] Ayo, Jonathan and I have managed to make a career doing what we love, it has taken a bit of work but it is definitely possible for anyone to achieve. Hopefully we managed to break down some of the smoke and mirrors of what we do. Growing up in this social media age it is easy to get caught up in doing music for the clout but we do it because we love to create. That’s the most important thing to remember with any creative path.”

And for Giulia Grispino (aka Sans Soucis) the project was about showing how songwriting can help young people feel comfortable in being themselves and explore their own creativity in a positive way:

“I was thinking about what is really important for me as an artist and the word authenticity came to mind straight away. There’s no such a thing as perfection when you create art. Our minds are boundless sources of creative expression, each one different from the other, and I wanted young people to feel comfortable being themselves, regardless of how competent in music they are. Acceptance got me going throughout the years and gave me a chance to make conscious decisions about the future and get better at what I do. When I was a kid, we didn’t have anything like this in schools and being on the other side today is a true honour!”

Why did we make the videos?

The programme is adapted from our award-winning Future Sound ‘live’ project, an inspirational music learning programme that pairs young people from a disadvantaged area with professional musicians and a jazz promoter. They develop their musical and composition skills through face-to-face school workshops, visit a music studio and finally perform a live gig at a renowned jazz venue called Church of Sound.

We’ve not been able to deliver the programme in real life due to Covid-19, yet this year it’s become more important than ever to offer young people the supportive, inspiring and creative outlet of music.

As Arji Manuelpillai explains: “One truth we can say is, playing a musical instrument or doing your art form whatever it is, is good for your mental health and wellbeing, we know that. So whilst anyone else is anxious or stressed out, you can always turn to your instrument and play. That is a gift. It’s the biggest gift you can have really.”

So this time we’ve also been trialling Future Sound Digital with our long-time partner school, Mossbourne Academy (in Hackney, East London) through online Q&A sessions with the artists, providing extra support for the students to engage with the course.

Spread the word!

Future Sound Digital is out on our YouTube channel now, so please share the link with your friends!  The videos will be up on our Instagram shortly too.

This project was developed in consultation with music educator Adam Saunders. The videos were directed by Lou Jasmine; producer Laura McMillian; DOP/editor Nathan Sadrach; editor Katya Ganfeld; 2nd camera Mia Zur-Szpiro; animator Seth De Silva. 

With thanks to Spitfire Audio for their kind donation of studio space and audio production support. 

With thanks to the following funders for their support: 29th May Charitable Trust; Arts Council England; Childhood Trust; D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust; John Thaw Foundation; Peter Cundhill Foundation; The PRS Foundation; The Vintners Company; William Wates Memorial Trust; Youth Music.