How can music bring hope in the wake of coronavirus? Launching our new Future Sound film and campaign

We’re super thrilled to reveal our latest Future Sound film!  And to announce that later this month we’re launching an exciting new campaign that gives you the chance to help us bring Future Sound to even more young people. Future Sound is a unique concept – an aspirational and inspirational music learning programme that pairs young people from a disadvantaged area with professional musicians and a jazz promoter. They develop their musical and composition skills through after-school workshops at school and a local music studio before finally performing a gig at a renowned jazz venue.  

Our most recent project ran in collaboration with Mercury-nominated SEED Ensemble, award-winning jazz venue Church of Sound, Premises Studios and 20 young people from Mossbourne Community Academy in Hackney. Here’s our new film of the highlights:  

Credit: Filming and editing by Remy Archer 

Even before Covid-19, budget cuts were hitting schools hard and music was being squeezed out of our education system.  Yet there’s so much evidence that learning music helps young people do well at school across subjects and build life skills.  For young people with challenging home lives, the only place they get to access music learning is through school, and over the last 12 years this opportunity has gradually been taken away.  Since the pandemic, musicians’ incomes have also disappeared as a result of venue and school closures. Yet music is one of the best ways of providing unity and supporting our mental health in difficult times. Now more than ever we need to continue to reach young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, whilst offering employment and support to our community of musicians.

We want to develop the next Future Sound so it can run both in schools – when that is possible again – and digitally, meaning we can keep supporting disadvantaged young people from the Autumn and reach even more students in the longer term.

Save the date! 

We’ve been selected to take part in The Big Give’s Champions for Children campaign, which aims to support vulnerable children affected by coronavirus.  If you make a donation to the Abram Wilson Foundation between 23-30 June 2020 it will be doubled, thanks to the support of The Childhood Trust.  It costs you nothing extra, but it will make twice the difference for a young person. Just £15 will pay for a 30 minute live workshop for 20 young people delivered by a professional musician; or a 20 minute online music masterclass. 

One of the musicians who took part in the last Future Sound project, SEED Ensemble’s Deschanel Gordon and an alumnus of Mossbourne Community Academy, recognised its impact: “I think there’s been lots of positive changes in the students, lots of them were quite timid in the beginning but as the weeks have gone on I’ve seen them grow in confidence, in their musical ability and socially as well. It’s been great to see.” 

With the next Future Sound we’re offering hope in the form of music. We need your help to do it. Please help us change young lives through music. From 12 noon on Tuesday 23rd June you can donate HERE