Our House of Jazz fundraising parties are set in unique and exciting venues not normally open to the public, bringing together the very best artists and musicians for a very special night of immersive live jazz, poetry and dance. Aside from showcasing the best UK talent and having a fantastic party, the events are to raise funds towards our work inspiring, connecting and opening doors to the music industry so that minoritised young talent has an equal chance of realising their creative potential.

The video below gives a flavour of our inaugural event, led by the extraordinary trumpeter and composer, Mark Kavuma in a unique Mayfair residence.

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8th December, 2022

Thanks so much to all our fantastic sponsors, guests and performers who made our first ever House of Jazz party on Thursday, 8th December 2022 such a roaring success!

The evening was hosted in one of Mayfair’s most characterful and unique private homes, and raised over £8,000 for the Abram Wilson charity’s career development programme.

Images and video by Ellie Koepke.

The evening overflowed with festive drinks, yummy food, and an immersive, intimate array of unexpected and exceptional performances led by the extraordinary trumpeter and composer, Mark Kavuma.

Thank you

Huge thanks once again to our generous House of Jazz sponsors Brand By Me, Allen Austin-Bishop, Sam Farmar and Dan Crow.

Line up

Lucy-Anne Daniels (vocals)

Mark Kavuma (lead and trumpet)

Pete Horsfall (trumpet + vocals)

Ferg Ireland (bass)

Jack Thomas (drums)

Artie Zaitz (guitar)

Noah Stoneman (piano)

J D Allen (tenor sax)

Tyrone Isaac-Stuart (alto sax and dance)

Theo Ogundepi (poet)

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