Help us raise £10,000 in The Big Give Christmas Challenge!

If you’re passionate about music and about young people accessing a creative education, please be super generous and support the Abram Wilson Foundation this week, in our very special Big Give Christmas ChallengeBetween 27th November and 4th December anything you give HERE will be doubled, so one donation = twice the impact!

We’re aiming to raise £10,000 which we’ll spend on our Achieve Your Greatness multi-arts education programme in London next year.  It means we’d be able to work in six more schools based in deprived areas of the capital.

Please watch my video to find out why your donation is so important:

This year we’ve been supporting young people in primary and secondary schools in Greenwich and Hackney, but we’re hoping to expand into other boroughs as well.  We deliver workshops that combine music, drama, dance and creative writing to 7-12 year olds who wouldn’t otherwise get access to these kind of experiences. 

Over one third of young people only access the arts when they’re at school, according to a recent report by the RSC and the University of Nottingham.  With budget cuts across the board in schools in this country – an average loss of 8% – and with the EBacc containing no arts subjects at all, we’re looking at a decline in students taking arts subjects as part of their education. 

We’re hearing from schools that they’re being forced to cut back on arts provision due to these budget cuts and the crushing obsession that our government has with test results. Even though there’s evidence to link regular arts engagement with academic attainment i.e. those from disadvantaged backgrounds accessing it are three times more likely to stay in school and go on to higher education…

…the arts are still being squeezed out of our schools.  

The young people who will suffer the most are those who won’t be able to access arts activities outside of their school life due to various challenges going on at home. As a report by Warwick University rightly states, “the goal is to ensure that those creative and cultural experiences and capabilities that are increasingly being limited to the wealthiest and least representative groups are also made available to all.”

So we’re trying to help solve this problem by going into schools in areas with high levels of deprivation and delivering a free programme for their young people.  As well as creative workshops, we’re enabling participants to work with incredible, inspiring artists and positive role models with whom they might not otherwise cross paths.  

Each Achieve Your Greatness workshop is led by four professional artists, who specialise and are trained in a range of disciplines – musicians, actors, dancers, writers, directors including Kansas Smitty’s Giacomo Smith and KOKOROKO‘s Sheila Maurice-Grey.  They help the young people learn how to devise their own performance pieces using all of these art forms – a real smorgasbord of an introduction to creativity!

We evaluate all the work we do, so we’re constantly improving and reaching even more young people.  And we know that Achieve Your Greatness helps young people develop vital life skills, such as confidence, teamwork, communication, critical thinking, using your imagination and developing your creativity.  These are all super, super important for the developing job market and will really stand these young people in good stead in the future.

So if you’re passionate about music, if you love the artists that we work with, and if you care deeply about all young people being able to access a creative education, please support us! We have £5,000 generously pledged by our chairman, Fred Bolza and the Childhood Trust. Your job is to help us raise another £5,000 to unlock the already pledged £5,000 and raise a grand total of £10,000 this week.

So please make a donation HERE before 12 noon on Tuesday 4th December and your gift will be doubled.  Twice the impact, what’s not to love?