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Do you want to release your music, but you’re not sure how? You want to find the widest audience possible to listen, but it’s hard to find your way through the different options? You’re not alone. 

Our video ‘How to release your music’ will help get you started, with practical advice from an expert coach and an experienced music industry exec.

We’ll talk you through the three main options for releasing your music: 

  1. Self-releasing – where you do everything yourself
  2. Artist-services deals – where you do a bit and you get other people to do the rest 
  3. Label deals – where someone else does everything for you, except the music

You’ll learn: 

  1. What the differences are between each way of releasing your music
  2. What things to think about when you are deciding what’s the right route for you as an artist
  3. Practical next steps to take, whichever route you choose
  4. How your options may change over time (and why that’s OK!)
  5. Advice from a successful musician, Oscar Jerome, about how he has released his music, and what has worked best for him

Watch this video for tips, actions and examples that you can use right now to start building your successful career in the music industry.

Get the ‘How to release your music’ video now

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