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Do you want to know how to build a music team around you, but you’re not sure where to start?  Manager, agent, lawyer?  You want to get the right people in your team to reach the widest audience for your music, but it’s hard to know who you need, and when.  You’re not alone. 

Our video ‘How to build your music team’ will help get you started, with practical advice from an expert coach and an experienced music industry exec.

We’ll talk you through:

  1. Choosing your team – what are the key things to consider when building your team for long term success
  2. Manager, agent or live agent, lawyer, publicist – who the different people are that you could have in your team; what they do; and why you might need them
  3. Advice from a successful musician, Sans Soucis, about how she’s built a team around herself.

You’ll learn: 

  1. Why it takes a lot of people to help you build a sustainable career in music
  2. Who these key people are and when you need them
  3. How each role can help you build connections and grow your team during the first steps of your career

Watch this video for tips, actions and examples that you can use right now to start building your successful career in the music industry.

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