FSR Strongroom studios


The latest strand to our Future Sound programme saw the students spending two days in a professional music studio, recording the tracks they’d written together, ready for release.  

The students took part in six after-school workshop sessions, plus a composition day at Premises studios, during which they composed and practised their tunes. The sessions were led by multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Plumm.

Then the students got in the booth at Strongroom Studios in Hackney and recorded three tracks:

  • Afro’s delight
  • Have you noticed something strange?
  • Searching for inner pieces 

One of the students said: 

“The highlight was the recording studio… We get to learn what professional musicians do and how they work and where they go. The studio we were in, I’ve never been to one before and I’ve never recorded in one which is really, really cool. I never thought I would be able to do this…”

Another young person added:

“The highlight has to be the recording. It all comes together, what we have been working on for some months. We have gone from jamming, not really knowing what we are doing to having a piece that is six minutes long. It was really interesting to learn what it is like to be in a studio, how it is set up and how they talk to you.”

And their teacher, Andy Nunn, Head of Music at Mossbourne Community Academy, summed the experience up:

“Bringing the students to a recording studio, a professional environment that many of them haven’t been in before… it’s a different vibe.. It’s not just the performing and recording, it’s the production, the mixing, the engineering, seeing the people making the teas and coffees. It’s all the other things that make it a real-world experience. You can talk about it in the classroom but it’s very different to do it.”

Listen to the Future Sound Records music here!