Future Sound Manchester on film

We’re pleased to share the video highlights of our latest Future Sound programme, which ran earlier this summer in Manchester.  You can watch it here

The project was led by saxophonist, composer and bandleader Emma Johnson – with musicians Richard Jones, Alex Robinson, Nishla Smith, Nick Williams and Aaron Wood – who collaborated with students at the Co-op Academy Manchester. 

Future Sound empowered the young people to develop composition and songwriting skills and play together in a band alongside the professional musicians. They finished with a performance at music venue The Yard in the city.

It’s a unique experience, offering students the opportunity to get a flavour of what it’s like to work in the music industry, as well as build skills such as confidence, communication and teamwork.

Emma Johnson said:

“It’s just been amazing to see how they’ve all developed and worked together.  The atmosphere throughout the whole project has been so warm and encouraging for the young people.  The gig is the highlight – it’s such an amazing thing that the young musicians get the opportunity to perform, not only to their peers, but to a real audience in a professional space, sharing what they’ve put a lot of time and effort into. You can tell that it really means something to them.”

One of the students commented:

“What I’ve enjoyed most is being able to work with other people because it definitely made me much better at communicating.  The most important change for me was being able to follow through with my ideas, knowing that they were good enough to be used.  I’d describe Future Sound as fun and innovative.”

Max Stannard, Head of Music at Co-op Academy Manchester, added:

“The biggest impacts for our students have been growing confidence and being able to express themselves creatively, whilst engaging in the composition process.”

Past Future Sound projects have been led by Sheila Maurice-Grey and Kokoroko; Cassie Kinoshi and SEED; Jas Kayser and Chums; Plumm; and Jonny Enser and Matters Unknown/Matt Davies, all in London; with performances at award-winning jazz venue Church of Sound.

You can learn more about Future Sound here and support upcoming Future Sound projects here.

Videography by Clive Hunte.