Sans Soucis reading from her journal, in a music studio

Future Sound tutorial videos

Are you aged between 11 and 18 and want to start creating your own music? 

You can get stuck in right now via our free YouTube mini-series, which is packed full of creative practical tutorials. 

The Future Sound playlist guides you through the steps of songwriting, freestyling, building a demo and much, much more. The series of tutorial videos features talented artists Oscar Jerome, Sans Soucis and Arji Manuelpillai as they take you through the tips, tricks and how-tos of making music.

You can take part in Future Sound, wherever you are

You can watch these pre-recorded videos any time you like, on a phone, tablet or desktop. And they are completely free!

What’s included

  • video tutorials on songwriting and what it takes to become a professional musician.
  • tips and advice to inspire you to create your own music and lyrics.
  • tasks to help and encourage you to write and record your own music.

What you’ll learn

  • how to write lyrics.
  • composition. 
  • how music helps you express yourself and feel comfortable in yourself.
  • what steps these professional musicians took to get to where they are now.

Get Started

meet the artists

Oscar Jerome

Joe Downard

Sans Soucis


Arji Manelpillai

Amy Gadiaga

Series 1: Learn new musical techniques with Oscar Jerome

Series 1: Write music and lyrics with Sans Soucis

Series 1: write lyrics and poems with Arji Manuelpillai

Series 2: write music using bandlab with oscar jerome

Series 2: learn about creative production with sans soucis

Series 2: write lyrics with arji manuelpillai

Series 3: Improvising with your voice BY PLUMM

Series 3: Developing your sound with Joe Downard


What are people saying about Future Sound tutorial videos? 

Here’s what people who’ve taken part said:

“It was really cool to watch you create a track! It was amazing, thank you sooo much.”

“I learnt how to express myself in music and that my experiences in life can help inspire lyrics. I enjoyed the creativity.”

“Such an amazing masterclass. Really great insight into being a musician”

Here’s what the artists say:

“I have managed to make a career doing what I love; it has taken a bit of work, but it is definitely possible for anyone to achieve.’ – Oscar Jerome

“One truth we can say is, playing a musical instrument or doing your art form whatever it is, is good for your mental health and wellbeing, we know that. So, whilst anyone else is anxious or stressed out, you can always turn to your instrument and play. That is a gift. It’s the biggest gift you can have really.” – Arji Manuelpillai

“Our minds are boundless sources of creative expression, each one different from the other, and I want young people to feel comfortable being themselves, regardless of how competent in music they are.” – Sans Soucis  

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Thank you

With huge thanks to the following people for their support and creative input in helping us make the Future Sound tutorial videos: Lou Jasmine and team – filming, editing and photography (series 1); Felipe Pagani – filming, editing and photography (series 2); Adam Saunders, composer, musician and educator – music education and content consultancy on both series.