Abram Wilson Quartet

Photo Credit:  Benjamin Amure

With much love and thanks to the following people and organisations for their generosity, faith and kindness:

Alyn Shipton
Amy Pearce
Andy Perrins
Anna Lacy
Arthur Snell
Barry Cashman
Ben Lynch
Benjamin Amure
Benjamin Amure Photography
Bill Wakelam
Birmingham Town Hall & Symphony Hall
Charles Bear
Dafydd Williams
Dan Mar-Molinero
David Spens
David Stonard
Dylan Bate
Edu Hawkins
Emily O’Hare
Emily Towers
Eve Kay-Kreizman
Flora de Galesl
Gunhild Moe
Heather M. Robinson
Howard Denner
Iain Sutcliffe
Ingrid Horgan
James Cashman
Jamie Cullum
Jeffrey Zalatoris
Jen Mosley
Jennifer Schott
Jerwood Charitable Foundation
Jessica Beck
Jim Dann
Joe and Flo Butler
Kate Jones
Kathryn Shackleton
Laura and Dave Palmer
Laura and Stephen Vakil
Laurie Jacobs
Lily Lapenna
Liz Cashman
Malachy Brady
Marie Estock
Mark King
Matthew Gough
Michael Menegos
Mora McLagan
Neel D’Wala
Olugbenga Adelekan
Premises Studios, London
PRS for Music Foundation
Rainmaker Foundation
Rebecca Mulugeta
Ross Lorraine
Sally Harris
Sandra Marcy
Sandra Pope
Sebastian Scotney
Shan Jenkins
Simon Machin
Sophie Heywood
South Downs College
Stephen E Kacir
Su Williams
Swanage Jazz Festival
Tai Nguyen
The Big Bang Restaurant, Oxford
The Office Group
The Hospital Club
Thomas Hoegh
Tony Dudley-Evans
Vicki Hart-Dale
Victoria Norris
Viv Broughton
Watermill Jazz
Weiching Poon


There are currently six donors who have asked to remain anonymous. A BIG thank you goes out to them too. You know who you are.

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