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Your donation will help us inspire, connect and open doors to the music industry so that underrepresented young talent has an equal chance to realise their creative potential. 

How do you want to donate?

How will my money make a difference?

We’re glad you asked! Here are some examples of what your money will pay for if you give every month. Plus, when you make a regular donation you’ll become part of the Abram Wilson family and we’ll offer you lots of special benefits as a way of saying thank you for your support.


You give £10 – £39 each month 

How will this help?

£10 per month will help us to reach more young people through our digital music education programme.

If you’re a Trailblazer you’ll receive: a monthly newsletter; invites and exclusive offers to special gigs and events (when we’re able to do so); priority guest list for gigs (when able to do so); acknowledgement on our website.

Future Sound Champions

You give £40 – £79 each month 

£40 per month will support a budding musician to develop their education skills as part of our music education programme.

If you’re a Future Sound Champion you’ll receive everything a Trailblazer gets plus: reserved seating at our special gigs and events (when able to do so); an invitation to annual drinks with our founder (currently virtual!)

Major Donors

You give £80+ each month 

£80 per month will help us film a series of music tutorial videos for our digital music education programme.

£150 per month will support a live performance by an up and coming musician to showcase their work to new audiences.

£250 per month will support an up and coming musician on our career development programme for a year.

If you’re a Major Donor you’ll receive everything a Future Sound Champion gets plus invites to exclusive virtual events featuring our career development programme mentees and/or our amazing patrons including Reuben James and Nitin Sawhney CBE; a monthly playlist curated by our career development mentees.

Photo: Future Sound Digital
Photo: Dylan Jones by Funky Feet Photography
Photo: Shereece Storrod by Kate Green Photography