This strand of our work will help lay the foundations for young artists with fewer opportunities than their peers to sustain a long-term career as a full-time professional artist.

We will build on the support we have been offering Kansas Smitty’s, a jazz collective of eight emerging musicians with whom we have been working since 2013, providing them with performance opportunities and advice around career development and fundraising.

We will also provide targeted support to a number of emerging artists who are part of our flagship projects – jazz-theatre production, The Philippa Project and schools project, Achieve Your Greatness.

In both cases we will ensure we contribute to participating artists’ professional development, and their ability to understand and express their greatness.



This strand targets reputable mid-career artists facing significant barriers in transitioning to the next stage of their careers due to lack of income generation opportunities.

Over the next year we will realise this ambition through jazz-theatre production, The Philippa Project. Our creative team includes a number of mid-career artists such as director and writer, Pia Furtado whose aim is to lead on projects that involve new work and combine a range of disciplines.

The Philippa Project was initiated by Abram Wilson in 2011 who composed and toured music based on the life of the prodigal mixed race pianist, composer and journalist, Philippa Schuyler. Before Abram passed away in June 2012 he had also begun working on a jazz-theatre production inspired by Philippa Schuyler’s life and Kathryn Talalay's book, Composition in Black and White.

Read more about The Philippa Project HERE.

Photo credit: Remy Archer