Becoming Brave

We’re super excited to announce that Becoming Brave, a new children’s picture book about love, grief and believing in yourself, has now been published!

Written by the Abram Wilson charity’s founder Jennie Cashman Wilson and illustrated by Tomekah George, it follows Jennie and her relationship with her late husband, critically acclaimed jazz musician Abram Wilson. 

Becoming Brave is an inspirational story of what it means to face our fears and live boldly, no matter what life throws at us along the way.  As well as exploring grief and celebrating courage, it’s a true story that touches on themes of love, loss, hope and believing in yourself in a gentle and uplifting way that will help start important conversations.  

It’s not only Jennie’s first book but also the debut publication for talented illustrator Tomekah George, whose striking, dynamic artwork perfectly captures the different energies of Abram and Jennie’s characters and evokes the spirit of jazz music that infuses the story. 

You can read more about Jennie and Tomekah’s experience of making the book in our dedicated blog.

The book describes the story that ultimately led to the creation and growth of the Abram Wilson charity today. Abram’s experiences have influenced how our programmes happen, as part of an exciting and thriving UK jazz scene, to inspire a new generation of talent that is representative of the society we live in. 

Becoming Brave is published by Little Tiger and you can order it at your local independent bookshop or via one of the following online sellers: Bookshops UKWaterstonesWHSmith or Amazon.

About Jennie Cashman Wilson 

Jennie’s background is in arts fundraising and working with young people, which is how she met her late husband, the acclaimed jazz trumpeter Abram Wilson. The pair worked on numerous projects together up until Abram’s passing in 2012, after which Jennie set up the Abram Wilson charity. We open doors to the music industry for minoritised young talent and have grown to work with over 200 performing artists and 650 young people. Jennie has been listed in WISE100, a national index recognising the top women in social enterprise and is a recipient of the WACL Talent Award.  Becoming Brave is Jennie’s first children’s book.

About Tomekah George

Tomekah’s delicately hand-crafted illustrations have featured in newspapers, food packaging, pottery, classrooms, books and digital campaigns across the US, UK & Europe. Her work is constructed from early memories and love for Afrofuturist themes expressed through a blend of colourful and textural layers. Her handmade process continually fuels a bold style creating unique pieces that sit somewhere between a print, collage and a painting.

About Little Tiger 

Little Tiger publish a huge range of formats and genres, striving to create a diverse range of high-quality books, with something that will appeal to every reading taste, helping children develop a passion for books and a life-long love of reading. This includes board books for the very youngpicture bookschapter books and longer novels and non-fiction

Press and reviews

“This is such a special read on so many levels! A great book to spark conversations at home and school – absolutely recommended to be part of your home or school libraries. This looks at emotions, courage, feeling afraid, grief, life and becoming you. This book will steal your heart.”

Fiona Sharp

“In this emotional journey of resilience, young readers will witness Jennie’s growth as she seeks her own strength and discovers the courage within herself to confront adversity and share Abram’s passion with others.”

Scott Evans

“Becoming Brave is a beautiful and surprising book, that deals with some really big topics, but in an age appropriate way. The idea that bravery requires you to also be a little scared is something that every reader needs reminding of from time to time, no matter what age they are. I definitely recommend this book to young readers: it has some important takeaways and reminders, it is beautifully illustrated, and there is such a wonderful sentiment that carries through the story.”

Hayley Westwood

“Becoming Brave is a gentle, heart-warming story about love, grief and finding the courage to lively boldly. Poignant text is supported by moving illustrations which capture the highs and lows of Jennie and Abram’s relationship.  Jennie’s success in finding her courage when the worst had happened, in creating a passion from her tragedy, is a powerful message of hope, perfect for starting conversations and offering comfort in the face of adversity.”

Sue Wilsher

“This book resonated deeply with me, as an early-life widow, and this beautifully crafted story is one of the bravest stories I have read. Bravo to Jennie and Tomekah. This book will help everyone who reads it to understand that life really does go on after losing someone you love, they are always with you, in that special place inside. I wish this book every success and have that box of tissues ready. Recommended for all primary children-with the expectation that it’ll be the adults who need to read it most!”

Sharon Porter

“An emotive read of loss and love with an underlying message of trying new things, requires bravery and self belief!”

Alex on Instagram@father_teacher_reader

“Hope for dark days”

@Toppsta on Instagram in ‘Five picture books for positive parenting ❤️’

“…THIS! Desperate to get my hands on it. My 8yo son is a trumpeter!” on Instagram