Achieve Your Greatness (AYG) is our multi-arts education programme for young people aged 11-16 from disadvantaged backgrounds combining combining music with dance, creative writing and drama.

We target schools in deprived areas and work with teachers to identify students who are at risk of bullying or exclusion, lacking in confidence, struggling to find their place at school and are not engaging in the arts at school. We are particularly interested in working with young people who are from diverse backgrounds, are eligible for Free School Meals or have Special Educational Needs.

Programme participants access high quality professionally trained artists who deliver music workshops that develop participants’ artistic and transferable skills that form part of our 5Cs: Creativity, Confidence, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking.

Through AYG we aim to address the de-prioritisation of arts subjects in schools, funding cuts that restrict access to the arts for those from underprivileged backgrounds, and a decline in the teaching of soft skills as part of the curriculum.

What people say about AYG:

“Before AYG she never said anything in class. Now she always puts her hand up in class and contributes 100%.” Tara Van Gastel, Head of Drama, Plumstead Manor

‘He says he loves it so so much. The project makes him more confident of himself to be able to face lots of people and [an] audience.’ – AYG 2016 Parent

‘I have learned that failing on your first try doesn’t necessarily mean that that is your only chance and that you failed that try. There will always be more chances for you to try again.’ AYG Participant, Plumstead Manor

I enjoyed that the experience was outside my comfort zone. I've also taken techniques that I will utilise in my classroom…building softer skills – confidence, risk taking, interacting with others, feeling safe to do all of this – is important.’ Dan, Special Educational Needs Teacher (SEN) – AYG CPD Training, Corelli College

‘I love doing it and it is something that I want to do alongside my artistic work. It’s a necessary part of what we do, how the art lives out and what we learn from each other.’ Tara Siddall, actor, poet and singer and one of our workshop leaders for AYG



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