photo credit: Benjamin Amure

An Introduction to the Abram Wilson Foundation
Founded in 2012, the Abram Wilson Foundation (AWF) is inspired by the late, great Abram Wilson and the values he embodied as both a critically acclaimed, award winning musician and an inspiring educator. His legacy and spirit live on in our work and those who are proud to have called him their teacher and mentor. In his short life, Abram achieved greatness, the Foundation exists to help others do the same.

AWF’s mission is to support young people to become the greatest version of themselves through music.

Our aims

• To ensure equal access to music
Since 2010 the arts have been squeezed out of the curriculum risking a two-tier system where those from underprivileged backgrounds continue to be deprived access to a creative education and/or career. We want to address this inequality and help make music accessible for all.

• To equip young people with transferable skills
Engagement in the arts helps develop key skills such as creativity, confidence, collaboration, communication – skills that are crucial for young people to thrive in and adapt to the rapid-paced change of 21st century society.

• To help support the future of music in the UK
Through our growing Artist Development Programme, we are helping to launch and sustain the careers of talented up and coming musicians.

How we achieve our aims
Our Music Education Programme is aimed at disadvantaged and diverse participants from 8 – 18 years and involves:
• Music workshops in schools based in deprived areas of London and Birmingham
• Visits to and performances at local cultural intuitions and venues to build cultural capital
• Training for professional artists to design and deliver our workshops
• Continuous Professional Development opportunities to support teachers who want to incorporate more creativity into their teaching practice

Our Artist Development Programme supports talented up and coming musicians in the early to mid-stages of their careers through:
• Monthly support in the form of coaching, mentoring and strategy sessions for 2 years
• Access to industry professionals to realise strategic goals
• Live performances to showcase work
• Opportunities to develop educational practice through involvement in our Music
Education Programme

What does success look like?
• Increased artistic and transferable skills including Creativity, Collaboration and Communication
• Increased Confidence, Resilience and overall Emotional Wellbeing at school
• Increase in enjoyment in and interest of the arts
• New cultural experiences
• Succeeding in a full-time sustainable career as a musician