A playlist curated by reuben james

For our Champions for Children campaign, our patron Reuben James has put together an exclusive playlist for you, including his favourite track of Abram’s. Here is what he has to say about why he chose each one:

Lil’ Darling’ – Count Basie

“The only song that relaxes me at the moment! So peaceful and the instrumentation is so beautiful! The perfect song for when you are winding down.”

Nancy – Frank Sinatra

“I re-found this song the other day by accident and literally had it on repeat for the entire day! Frank’s voice is so young and the lyrics are stunning… the melody and lyrics and harmony combined turned this one into an all-time favourite for me!”

Even Though You’re Bad For Me – Abram Wilson

“Abram and I used to play this live and it was always an emotional part of the set where we got to get really deep into a ballad with its dramatic pauses and beautiful harmony… Abram was not only a master of performance and that sweet trumpet tone but more than anything an incredible composer!”

The Shadow of Your Smile – Marvin Gaye

“The strings on this whole record make me want to cry! And as for Marvin’s vocal performance… This song is not a known classic for Marvin but is definitely his most heartfelt… you can hear the pain in his vocals.”

Dearest Alfred – Khurangbin

“Easily the best band out right now… smooth grooves and luscious, angelic vocals floating over the top… this trio are defiantly appropriate to play at most occasions! Especially now BBQ season is around the corner!”

Butcher Brown – Frontline – CARRTOONS remix

“All of my faves on one track – remixed and reimagined by my brother CARRTOONS this is my favourite bop for the summer… Butcher brown are just so damn groovy! The musicianship is second to none! CARRTOONS really made this beat slap!”

We hope you love the tracks!

Reuben has supported our charity throughout our 10 years. He knows the vital difference that being taught and mentored by an inspiring musician and educator can make. He says:

“I met Abram when I was 17 years old; he took me under his wing and asked me to join his band. We went on tour around the jazz circuit and it was amazing for me to learn and gain experience from one of the best around. During that time Abram taught me how to be an inspiring teacher and the importance of passing on your skills to others, and this is what the Abram Wilson charity continues to do today through the Future Sound project.” 

With your help we can reach the Reubens of the next generation through Future Sound – plus support more musicians to develop their skills as educators.

If you haven’t donated yet, please click here now, as everything you give before 12 noon on 21 June will be DOUBLED!