Abram Wilson was my husband and an acclaimed jazz trumpeter, composer and educator from New Orleans. I also had the privilege of managing his career, and delivering landmark events and projects with venues and promoters across the country.

After he passed away I believed it was important that we continued that legacy and so in November 2012 I established the Abram Wilson Foundation for Creative Arts. Although we live in a world where creativity underpins the success of any profession, we do not value it enough, nor the artists who encourage us to use our imaginations and see the world differently.

We need more artists like Abram with the same focus, self-belief, optimism and generosity of spirit to help us discover our greatness, our voice and our best selves. These artists need to be supported and valued throughout their careers to produce their best work so that we can continue to break boundaries, challenge perceptions and inspire people to think differently about themselves and their communities. By ensuring the future of our artists and improving access to arts education, the Abram Wilson Foundation aims to stimulate creative thinkers who will be ready to solve 21st century problems.

Through the Abram Wilson Foundation we will continue Abram's work of reaching out and inspiring children, young people and talented artists in the UK and beyond.

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