Since forming in 2012 we’ve done so many great things and I’m mega grateful for all the support we've received. We've been talking recently about the next few years and how we can secure the future of the Abram Wilson Foundation and put long term plans in place to ensure Abram's legacy is fulfilled.

Now is your chance to join us on this journey and become one of our very first Abram Wilson Foundation Trailblazers.

What is this I hear you ask?

Well, it's your chance to support some of the best and brightest young jazz musicians around and be part of a super hip jazz collective. We are talking special invites and exclusive offers to some of the most swinging jazz gigs in London.

Not only that but you will get the warm fuzzy feeling of securing the future of the Abram Wilson Foundation and giving us the stability to deliver some incredible projects over the next few years.

How do I get involved? I hear you shout.

It's easy! For the price of a Kansas Smitty’s julep you can become a Trailblazer. In other words, for a suggested donation of £10/month you can become an exclusive member of the Abram Wilson Foundation. However, all amounts are welcome, big or small.

It's super easy to do, just sign up by clicking on the Donate button below, 'et voilà!', you are an official Abram Wilson Foundation Trailblazer.

Join our happy throng of Trailblazers and carry on the journey of greatness with us.

Thank you.

Till soon!

Jennie x




Alasdair Harris
Alexander Woolnough
Allen Austin-Bishop
Amelia Carter
Anna Harford
Anthony Welsh
Barbara Burke
Ben Lynch
Benjamin Amure (1965 - 2016)
Bestman & Valentina Efejuku
Brian Day
Ceris Weetch
Charles Fenton
Charlie Green & The Office Group Team
Chloe Wright
Chris Nott
Clare Coleman
Daniel Clark
Denvor Nichols
Eddie Latter
Ellen Goodman
Ellie Moore
Emily Hurrell
Fiona Hall
Fiona McRae
Francesca Creed
Genevieve Siddons
Georgina Jacobs
Hannah Clifford
Hilary Hodgson
Hugh Harford
Ilana Rapaport
Jackie Wilson
Jane Wright
Jean Cashman
John Hale
Jon Opie
Julia Palau
Kate Swade
Kenneth & Tara Robinson
Lambeth College (in memory of Ben Amure)
Lily Lapenna Huda
Lisa Spirling
Lucy Howkins
Lucy Whalley
Ludwig Sels
Ma-ayan Plane
Maitreyi Maheshwari
Margaret Lipsey
Marina Mansilla Hermann
Mathieu L'hermite
Meg Veale
Michael Towers
Mike Ausden
Nana-Efua Lawson
Neil Confrey
Nigel Gibson
Oliver Bevan
Pete Staves
Peter Treganna
Peter Wilkinson
Raquel Carreras
Remy Archer
Richard Lee
Richard Luck-Hille
Richard Shannon
Robert Faure Walker
Robert MacFarlane
Roger Ward
Rosalind Coleman
Ruth & Ian Bennett
Ryan Johnson
Sharan Jaswal
Sian Flynn
Simon Machin
Sophie Nicol
Stewart Wren
Tabitha McGrath
Tara Siddall
Thomas Nowacki
Tony Dudley-Evans
Virginia Graham
Weiching Poon