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If you love music and want to align yourself with some of the most exciting up and coming musicians working in London right now then we’ve got you covered. If you want to support us in our work tackling inequality in the arts, particularly for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds then look no further.

By becoming an Abram Wilson Foundation Trailblazer you will help to ensure that young people with fewer opportunities get the chance to enjoy all the benefits and magic the arts can bring.

Through your regular donation you will also champion some of the best and brightest up and coming musicians around, helping them forge a sustainable career as a full-time artist, which includes supporting them in becoming workshop leaders for the next generation.

This is your chance to be part of a close-knit creative community of inspiring supporters, young people and artists. You will meet some incredible people, be acknowledged on our website, and receive regular personal emails and updates from us. These will include invites and exclusive offers to some exciting and special gigs and events.

How do I get involved?

It's easy! For a suggested donation of £10 per month you can become an exclusive member of the Abram Wilson Foundation. However, all amounts are welcome, big or small.

Just sign up by clicking on the Donate button below, 'et voilà!', you are an official Abram Wilson Foundation Trailblazer.

Become part of our family of Trailblazers today and join us on our journey towards greatness.




Alasdair Harris
Allen Austin Bishop
Amelia Grandidier Carter
Anna Harford Short
Annette Hobbs
Anthony Welsh
Barbara Burke
Ben Lynch
Charles Fenton
Chris Nott
Daniel Martin
Denvor Nichols
Eddie Latter
Ellen Goodman
Emily Hurrell
Fiona Hall
Fiona McRae
Fred Bolza
Gen Siddons
Georgina Bramwell
Haqeeq Bostan
Hilary Hodgson
Hugh Harford
Ian Bennett
Jane Caldwell
Jean Cashman
Jen Oatley
Jonathan Law
Kate Swade
Kenneth & Tara Robinson
Keren Sutherland: In memory of my beloved and awesome Mother Margaret Sutherland, who died at 92, but forever kept her inner child and loved and embraced life in every possible way.
Laura Santini
Lily Lapenna Huda
Lucy Whalley
Ludwig Sels
Margaret Lipsey
Marina Mansilla Hermann
Meg Veale
Michael Towers
Mike Ausden
Miriam Sriyoheswaran
Nana-Efua Lawson
Neil Confrey
Nigel Gibson
Peter Treganna
Peter Wilkinson
Raquel Guerrero Carreras
Rob Faure-Walker
Roz Coleman
Ruth Bennett
Ryan Johnson
Sharan Jaswal
Sian Flynn
Simon Machin
Stewart Wren
Tabitha McGrath
Tara Siddall
Thomas Nowacki
Tony Dudley-Evans
Virginia Graham
Weiching Poon
Vittorio Nuti